• Resource Engineering

      Resource engineers develop more efficient ways to use natural resources and manage the environment in rural areas.

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    • Geotechnical Engineering

      Geotechnical engineers examine the foundations of built structures, providing crucial information and knowledge about how the soil and rocks beneath a proposed structure will behave under pressure.

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    • Pharmaceutical Engineering

      Pharmaceutical engineers design and operate the equipment that produces life-saving drugs and medicines.

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    • Aerospace Engineering

      Aerospace engineers are responsible for the design, construction and science of aircraft and spacecraft.

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    • Computer Systems Engineering

      This area combines electrical engineering and computer science, and involves the analysis, design, development and operation of computer hardware and software.

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    • Civil Engineering

      Civil engineers design, construct and maintain the built world, including works like bridges, roads, canals, damns and buildings.

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    • Regina Cruz Structural Engineer

      When Regina was younger, she was fascinated by big structures like bridges and dams.

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    • Jennifer Harris Civil Engineer

      Major Jennifer Harris, a Civil Engineer, is currently the Officer Commanding the 23rd Support Squadron, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment.

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    • Daniel Zapateiro Telecommunications Engineer

      For Daniel, being part of the engineering profession lets him be involved in the creation of things that will help improve people?s lives.

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    • Andy Smith Transport Engineer

      Andy spent 25 years serving in the Defence Force, and became an engineer so he could provide the next generation of soldiers with better tools and systems to give them the winning edge.

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    • Renee Goreham Materials Engineer

      Renee came to the engineering profession by accident, but since starting her postgraduate studies she hasn?t looked back.

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    • Greg Williams Risk Engineer

      Greg started his working life as a tradesman, but soon switched to engineering because he wanted to be involved in designing and developing technical solutions, not just implementing them.

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