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At the heart of the Make it so campaign is our desire to define and communicate the value of engineeringand its profound impact on the community.

The Make it so barbeque competition, which closed today, will help hone our definition of engineering. Thanks to all who entered – we received more than 5,000 incredibly varied responses about what engineering is.

The range of responses demonstrates both the challenge and opportunity before us.

Thanks to everyone who entered the second part of the competition, we now have tens of thousands of engineering keywords. The keywords will assist us in phase two of the Make it so campaign, the public launch.

These keywords will also help us to address some of the issues arising from the benchmarking study we conducted.

The study showed that people appreciate engineering as a profession yet struggle to articulate why. In the study, engineering was ranked second behind medicine as a career choice; yet respondents were unable to describe what it involved.

This has a flow-on effect for advocacy – that is, trying to convince young people that engineering is a valid career choice when they don’t really understand what it’s all about. It’s our job to spread the word about what engineering is.

Clearly, we need to Make it so that engineering is understood and appreciated within the community.

The winner of the barbecue competition will be announced on 6 November2009.