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Listening to digital conversations about engineering

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We have been taking a look online, to get a sense of who, what, how and why bloggers, social media commentators and online sources are talking about engineering in Australia.

Ever the voyeurs, we wanted to listen in on conversations that were taking place on the Internet around engineering, so that we could then participate in those conversations from a Make it so perspective.

The results have been both surprising and exciting.

Online, engineering is largely expressed via images and videos. There are many social media sites dedicated to engineering, and these are driven largely those outside of the profession – in places we least expected.

Some of our findings included:

  • In excess of 1,700 “engineering” groups exist on image sharing social media site, Flickr, with more than half a million photos tagged “engineering”
  • Dozens of engineering groups are on Facebook, with tens of thousands of members in Australia alone
  • A number of key influencers were identified, including prolific engineering bloggers and Twitterers
  • A thread on the Vogue website entitled “Vogette Engineers” garnered eight pages of replies in one month from female engineers and engineering students.

Any participants in these social media sites – we can assume – would be likely to show interest in what the Make it so campaign has to say. Plus, they are representative of the broader community, who we are seeking to engage, so it is important to acknowledge them.

We will share more of the findings online as we digest them, particularly in terms of the ways it will define our tactics for the Make it so campaign in coming months.

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